Early childhood years are important because it is the period when children should receive education to improve their cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills. Precisely, it is the time when children form habits to shape their lives in future and that is why a well-planned and implemented education and care is necessary. Recently, EU has prioritized both the quality and quantity of preschool education to increase the number of employed people, especially mothers and to provide the best possible start for the future by keeping the quality and quantity of ECEC services high as stated in Communication from the Commission in 2011.

Considering this, we have come up with a project to increase the quality of  preschool education. Participant kids will acquire many competences related to art, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking based on learn-to-learn competence. Beside they will get the chance to develop their talents to the fullest possible extent during their early childhood years. During our project we encourage kids to make toys with natural materials and therefore use their imagination and express their feelings through art. In so doing, we give them a chance to think critically and creatively as making the toy and the process of making it more meaningful. Cooperation between schools and parents can support this process. Correspondingly, we carried out a survey to find out how much the parents know about learning to learn, critical and creative thinking by using natural products. Additionally, we have done a needs analysis survey to find out teachers’ competencies and needs to carry out the project with their full potential. Based on the results; trainings, seminars and workshops will be organized to cover these needs and improve competencies.

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