Workshop in Greece


During the project “L2L” we organized two workshops for parents and teachers. Both of them were well organized so completed with full success. Parents and  teachers have shown great willngness to participate in  them.
Parents were interested because it was something that took place for the first time at the kindergarden. They also have shown interstested to known the activities their   children participated  and understand the skills that “won” chlildren from their participation in project  “L2L”

About the teachers’ workshop they thrilled with the results of the program and they asked more information on how to involve themselves in Erasmus programs. Most of them said that it is difficult for them to organize activities by using always a problematic situation, but through this workshop they learnt to set the steps in the form of the template in a successful way. Moreover teachers were also interested in the  moodle as it is an important tool to facilitate the teaching.

image1  workshop_teachers 2