Kindergarten „Matija Gubec“ is located in Zagreb, in city district Knežija, which is located in the southwestern part of the city. There are four separated facilities in which 430 children are enrolled, classified in 18 groups ofchildren aged 1-7 years . The 14 kindergarten and 5 nursery groups carry out a full 10 hour program, and two groups carry out a 250 hours per year preschool program . Children with special needs are included, depending on their needs and capabilities as well as the needs of their parents, in regular kindergarten program .

Programs are implemented by 60 employees of which 35 teachers and four members of the expert team.
Respecting the interests and needs of children in kindergarten are implemented additional activities: early learning of the English languag , rhythm and sports program, programme specialized for gifted children .
Our institution has many years of experience and this year we celebrate 60 years since it was founded.
As an institution, we recognize the importance of participation in the programs offered by the EU in order to convey our experiences and also enable the development of institutions and capacity building of all members.