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Priekuļu preschool Mežmaliņa/ Priekuļu pirmsskolas izglītības iestāde “Mežmaliņa”

Pre-school Mežmaliņa is an Eco-school kindergarten located in Priekuļi parish, on the outskirts of town Cēsis. On the one side of our kindergarten we have a park, on the other side – private houses. There are 150 children (age from 1,5-7 years) and 20 teachers and 19 technical staff in our pre-school. Our kindergarten works with two programs – pre-school program and preschool special education program for children with language learning disabilities. There are about 25 children with language difficulties who attend our pre-school and they all are integrated with other children.

We had previous experience in Comenius projects and successfully took part in several e-Twinning projects. Our kindergarten was awarded with the National Annual Award in years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 for the work in e-Twinning projects.

Pre-school Mežmaliņa has participated in Eco-Schools program since 2007. We are very close to nature themes. Our pedagogues use our nearby park as a natural lab and a recreation area for children. Success of our projects ( we participated in several projects connected with nature, ecology and recycling) has given the possibility to establish the kindergarten Environmental Education center, equipped with all necessary hardware for seminars. We have the experience to hold seminars with the participation of foreign and native lecturers.

Our preschool has experience in organizing workshops for teachers about outdoor education. During the years we accumulated experience and materials in the book -training material in natural sciences teaching preschool „Environment for young children”, wich was published in 2007 with association with North Vidzeme Waste Management Organisation (ZAAO) and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund (LVAF). Nine teachers from our preschool were involved in the process of creating this book.


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