Private Irfan Schools are within the body of Ilım Yayma Vakfı(Science Spread Foundation), that has been contributing to the education in our country for 43 years.

Ilim Yayma Foundation took the first step in the education by opening Atakent Irfan School in 1998. After that Ümraniye Irfan Preschool, Madenler Irfan School and Uskudar Irfan Highschool was opened. All institutions have 200 teachers and 1282 students.

Irfan Educational Institutions aim to make children gain basic ethical values like respect, sympathy, tolerance, kindness, empathy, sedulity and faith besides the academic success.

We apply our project in Madenler Irfan Private School. Our school has 4 preschool classes. Every class has 1 teacher, 1 assistant teacher and approximately 18 children. There are 2 school counselors and a psychologist.

Besides our preschool programs we also have English, drama, swimming, folk dancing, gymnastics and teaching values programs.

In our school we have a library which is designed commodiously to make children love to read, swimming pool, cafeteria, conference hall, winter play garden where in rainy days children play in, gym, ice-skating rink, mini-golf area, laboratory, music room, art room, infirmary and botanic garden.

Our school gives importance to provide children a hygienic, clean and safe environment. As a result of the supervisions of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, our school deserved the title of “Cleanest Schools”.

In our 19th year of education, we continue to support children according to the world’s changing conditions in in terms of their social emotional, academic and language development. While doing this, we benefit from the contributions of EU programs for our children’s development and our professional development.


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